Partners and programS

Serve Saturday is the Manna Dream Center's way of saying, I love my city. On the first Saturday of every month, we empower individuals and families to make a difference in our neighborhoods with simple acts of kindness, such as community clean-ups, drink giveaways, or thank-yous to first responders and organizations via a hot meal sky's the limit!
Filling a need is often only half the battle first, you have to accurately identify the needs that are relevant and pressing in a community. Adopt A Block is The Manna Dream Center's unique way of reaching out into our community to locate needs, establish relationships, and let people know that Manna Church is here to serve them any way we can.
Islands of Hope Dream Center is a Christ-centered nonprofit organization serving women rescued from sex trafficking. It was established on Oahu in 2014. We offer sex-trafficked women a safe living environment with a caring and equipped staff, and a counseling program necessary to help these young women find healing.
Christmas Toy Drive for Foster Children - We’re partnering with Family Programs Hawaii to help provide about 1,000 Christmas gifts for children in foster care.
Helping the Homefront, in partnership with the 700 Club on TBN, is an outreach to military families. Military families know firsthand what it means to serve and to sacrifice, so this ministry exists to serve these families by having their back on the homefront. From helping to cover unexpected insurance premiums to replacing broken appliances and more, we want to make sure our military families feel supported on the homefront.
In partnership with hundreds of churches around the world on one day, Serve Day is about serving our communities with multiple acts of kindness. At the most recent Serve Day, in July, over 200 local participants repainted Kapolei High School's concession stand, brought Dunkin' Donuts to eight first responder stations, cleaned three streets and one beach, held a Senior Prom for the elderly, and passed out 300 free movie concession coupons.
Teen Challenge ( exists to free people from life-dominating addictions through the powerful combination of Jesus, long-term residential programs, and evangelism and discipleship. Their success rate of people remaining drug-free years after finishing the program is staggering.

Breathe and Impact 808

Breathe:  We utilize our God inspired passions and purpose to assist churches by taking over their weekend services, giving them a chance to take a breath and Breathe.

Impact 808:  Through physical feats of strength, Impact 808 exist to challenge, encourage and inspire all races and all generations to be all that they've been created to be.
Dept. of Children and Family services tell us that, nationwide, over 200 children are separated from their parents every month due to poverty related issues. Our goal is to keep families together by providing them with furniture, food, appliances, and other basic necessities.

Empower your organization to make a difference

If you want your organization to make a difference in the community but don't know where to start or who to talk to, we can help!

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